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January 21st 2009 by ck in 活动讯息


7 Responses to “激励歌”

  1. Lim Chee Pin Says:

    Thank you because you teach me激励歌!!!

  2. Amanda Says:

    today u just come to my school!! i miss u so much i wish i can see u again,u just teach us this song!ilike this song so much!
    thanks!! I Love You!!

  3. Loo tun fang Says:

    I hope u come to our school again!

  4. Elisa Hiew Says:

    thx u come our school jope u cn come again

  5. 林欣铭 Says:

    i love uncle bang very much~

  6. 廖忆青 Says:

    ur ji lli ge

  7. 陈俊成 Says:

    i love 棒叔叔的歌and本人

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